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Whit's Up? - An Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

Apr 21, 2021

Dr. Blackgaard arrives in town! Would Tom be exhausting to be in meetings with? We play "Whit's End": How does Whit die?

Apr 13, 2021

It's not that special. We have a Twitter! Check us out! Talk with us! @WhitsUpPod Embedded within a sneak peek of our discussion of One Bad Apple and Waylaid in the Windy City!

Apr 7, 2021

Andrew, Hannah, and Jon learn about psychotic breaks. Is there a sign-up sheet for the Imagination Station? Do snowmen slither? Would you support your child LARPing?

Mar 24, 2021

Andrew, Jeff, and Jon learn about Taking Too Much Responsibility. We play Invention or Invention! Do you look up your coworkers on LinkedIn? What mean things would Eugene say about you? Would you want to be a Board Member of something? What if Nicholas Adamsworth had worked at the front desk of the library instead...

Mar 10, 2021

Andrew, Hannah, and Jon learn about Mysteries! What would you use your reverse-microwave for? What car does Whit drive? What do you think about ghosts?