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Whit's Up? - An Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

A new arc! Is "The Stiletto" a resurrected Dr. Blackgaard? Is Derk going to be the Richard Maxwell? Was Eugene a carnival sideshow attraction? Should Andrew be the next Eugene voice? We play Snopes or Nopes!

Sep 7, 2022

A Very Special Reunion! Who will win Lucy's heart? Has God confirmed your relationship? We play Let's Do Lunch!

Aug 24, 2022

We have a Special Guest! It's Mom! What is an Attic Sale? What was your most regrettable purchase? Do you imagine the Odyssey characters as cartoons, real life humans, or disembodied voices?

Aug 10, 2022

We're All In Our Final Days! God's Will! Organ transplants! Abortion! Everett gets shipped back to Africa, whether he wants it or not! We avoid playing "Will Or Nil!"

Jul 27, 2022

Doug is back! Is there anything weirder than Sunday School at Someone Else's Church? What are Mary Barclay's Church Projects? Where would you want to send the Barclays on vacation?