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Whit's Up? - An Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

Dec 20, 2023

Water parks! Should Whit rent out Whit's End as a coworking space? Have there been expeditions to find Eden?

Dec 6, 2023

Lunchables! Why couldn't Mitch be the New Eugene at Whit's End? Have you seen a pack of Blue-Shirts? Have you ever had to defend yourself to your kid's friends?

Nov 22, 2023

Why can't Connie leave Odyssey? What happened to Roller Blading? Does Whit enjoy his brunches with Connie? We play Whit Drops Out!

Nov 8, 2023

Our Season 4 Finale, I guess! Did Connie ever have a crush on Jason? Is Whit above the law? Was Monica a Good Person? Jon teaches us how to be Super-Villains!

Oct 25, 2023

Is Andromeda AOL? How would you test the Novabox? What are your thoughts on Prayer Groups? What is the most Efficient way to pray? How many different personalities are in the world? 500? We bring back our classic game "How Old Are They"?