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Whit's Up? - An Adventures In Odyssey Podcast

May 17, 2024

Were you Good at Youth Group? Did you ever pass out religious movies? Do long-distance relationships ever work?

Apr 24, 2024

Doug is back! VBS! The Cold War! How do you get into heaven? How much energy did you spend memorizing scripture, growing up?

Feb 23, 2024

Mitch proposes! Have you ever had to escape from someone's trunk? God's Will again! We play Whit's Up With What?

Jan 31, 2024

Prisonner's Dillema! Betrayal! Lunchables again, somehow! We hear characters die! We X-ray the Earth! More Treasure!

Jan 20, 2024

Pirates! Treasure! Demons! Nephalim! Aliens! Hyper-dimensional beings! How do you catch the Headless Horseman? Do six-year-olds like black-and-white movies? We pitch a young adult book series!